Construction Business

■ Complete construction work (design and construction)
■ Surveys of renovations, renovations, seismic retrofitting, etc.
■ Development business (planning, proposal, research)

We will take care of your housing problems!

松下工務店We will take care of any housing problems.
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New ~Particular house construction from a company in Omaezaki City~

About a dozen jobs a year are the construction of houses that we can confidently provide.
Otherwise, you won't be able to have time to build exciting homes with your customers.
We are a small company with no model houses and no housing exhibition halls, but we take the time to face each customer and aim to create a house that satisfies them.
From custom-made kitchens that are popular with women, we will create a house that is particular about it, such as a floor plan that makes use of the effective space without waste.

Home remodeling ~We will support you to live a comfortable life~

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◯ Single-family house renovation・・・・・ Single-family house that has been built for decades can be renovated into a house full of warmth!
◯ Renovate your room ・・・・・ make it a stylish space with functionality!
◯ Passes, toilets, washrooms: Comfortable places to use every day!
◯ The kitchen ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ a space that incorporates plenty of requests from the wife who uses it every day!
◯ The entrance, hallway・・・・・・・・・・・・・ entrance is the face of the house! How about a wide entrance?
◯ Solve problems with rain gutters・・・・・・・ "clogged rainwater overflowing" and "rain gutters have cracked"

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